When Topgolf was brainstorming about their “HD Spectacular” concept of screens at the back of their infield to promote everything from birthdays, anniversaries, and nightly specials all the way to their marketing and advertisements they knew Southpaw would be the right partner. “[The screens] allow us to program new events in the venue, and they allow us to promote key initiatives to our guest…this really impacts their experience,” said Rodney Ferrel VP of Global Partnerships.

The Southpaw experience was described by Scott Shultz Director of Venue Openings and Infrastructure as “being a great partner all along the way…from the initial days of deployment in The Colony to our most recent roll-out in Richmond,VA…helping us craft a solution…to dealing with all the regulatory issues in varying cities and communities…they were there lock-step with us”.

Southpaw has partnered with numerous other entertainment & live spaces across the country such as Texas Live!, Legends Entertainment in Phoenix, AZ, and the Atlanta Braves just to name a few.