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Matt Ritter / EVP Sales & Marketing


Southpaw Leads Repair Efforts for Iconic Guitar Scoreboard for Nashville Sounds


The tornadoes that hit the Nashville area on March 3 caused significant damage to the iconic “guitar scoreboard” at the Nashville Sounds’ First Horizon Park. Following the tornadoes, Southpaw Sports & Entertainment has been at the center of efforts to complete repairs while also adding some dramatic improvements to the arm or “neck” of the display. The original structure and video display system was installed by the Southpaw team in 2014 when the company was then known as TS Sports. Over the last 6 years, Southpaw has provided service, maintenance and technical support to the video board.

The tornado caused extensive damage to the internal systems inside the main display, and almost entirely ripped off the back housing of the guitar. The most significant damage was to the “neck” of the guitar that held an older-style fixed digit display. “The actual structure was unharmed and will remain,” said Doug Scopel, Sounds VP of Operations. “It was the ‘guts’ of the neck of the guitar that has to be fully removed. Whatever the tornado didn’t remove for us, we will be removing and replacing.” Repairs and construction began in early March and are now finished.

After a major analysis of the damage, the Southpaw team worked with the Sounds organization and devised an overall plan to not only repair the entire system, but make major improvements to the display by inserting high resolution video displays in the neck for scoring, data, and elevated fan experience presentation.

Jeff Ball, Southpaw’s Director of Service, is pleased with the final outcome: “Not only is the board restored to an excellent working condition, but the display has undergone some fantastic improvements with the installation of new LED video panels in the neck. It’s not just repaired, it’s better than before.”

“This is what our team does”, said Matt Ritter, Southpaw’s EVP of Sales & Marketing. “This has been an excellent example of not only how our engineering, maintenance, support, and service teams work together, but it also demonstrates how Southpaw offers total support for our customers that encompasses all aspects of any given project.”

Final testing and commissioning of the board is now complete, and the Sounds plan to unveil the display later this summer. If you would like to know more about Southpaw, including how we can serve all your LED needs, please visit our website at or call us at 469-299-4111.

If you would like more information on Southpaw Sports & Entertainment, please visit our website at or contact us at 469-299-4111.