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Matt Ritter / EVP Sales & Marketing


Southpaw Completes Install of 100,000-Square-Foot LED Screen at Resorts World Las Vegas


Resorts World Las Vegas — the first “ground-up” build of a major casino in over a decade — debuted one of the largest LED screens in North America on the exterior of its West Tower on July 4, 2020. The screen has an approximate height of 294 feet and is a boastful 340 feet wide, totaling nearly 100,000 square feet of 50mm mesh LED. The screen was installed by Southpaw Sports & Entertainment and is able to show live or pre-programmed content.

A video of the debut can be viewed HERE.

Installing a screen of this size and magnitude is an engineering marvel, and lots of factors had to be taken into consideration when planning out how to get the screen into place. “With the display installing on a concave wall coupled with a unique attachment method, identifying and applying seismic loading became critical,” said Steven Edgington, Southpaw’s Senior VP of Construction Services. “As with every project we execute, communication was key. Each step of the way, we walked the customer through the process and explained our installation procedure prior to working onsite.”

Aside from the seismic load and attachment methods, Southpaw addressed and overcame wind-related issues as well as facing the global pandemic head-on. Dagan Pratt, the Senior Project Manager for the installation, was very impressed with how Southpaw handled both of these events. “With a footprint of this size, wind delays, and navigating installation during a global pandemic were certainly a challenge on this project. We had to continually evaluate our crews’ efforts on site and adjust focus appropriately to maintain momentum and ensure timelines were being met…The teamwork and coordination on all aspects of the job site was remarkable.” 

VP of Projects, Damon Gaffney, highlighted the true differentiator Southpaw brought to this project. “Because of the number of challenges we faced on this install, all of our teams were quick to adapt and respond to each issue as it was presented. From the general contractor, various sub-trades, and everyone in between, Southpaw was able to coordinate our efforts with these agencies to get the job done safe, correct, timely, and ultimately to give the customer and patron the best viewing experience possible. This is just another way Southpaw not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.”

In commemoration of the national holiday, Resorts World debuted the LED Screen on July 4 with a display of digital fireworks in which red, white, and blue pixels emulating firework sparks morphed into imagery of patriotic U.S. symbols. What a spectacular show of many teams collaborating, overcoming adversity, and working with multiple partners and trades to get the job done safely and on time.


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