• We're excited about the industry buzz!

    We're definitely enjoying letting the industry know that we're still doing what we love under the new banner of Southpaw Sports and Entertainment. We've been at this for a few decades, and during that time we have seen our logo change a few times --- and this latest transformation has been a very exciting one!


    Although we’re no freshman industry, we’re taking an opportunity to evolve our company’s identity and share more of the Southpaw story. Check out this recent article that was published by Sports Video Group:

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    The NBA has never seen anything like this video display.

    The largest in the league, the massive 84-foot-long board

    sits regally suspended above the 94-foot long basketball

    court. Seven times larger than the Kings’ previous

    scoreboard, the screens also offer the highest resolution

    n the NBA, thanks to the appointment of 4K Ultra HD

    LED technology.

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